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What is in the update?

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What is in the update?


I am stealing this suggestion from @Strongsilence-CPA who posted https://intuit.me/2O00ZmP


Please be transparent and describe what is updated.  It is quite unsettling to not know what is updated. Is it a fix, a change due to a new law, something minor, significant, planned long ago or new, etc?  So many questions unanswered - especially in March - leaves me in the dark and makes me feel less than confident in my returns. 

A simple phrase "Fixed errors or last update"  "Addresses latest IRS changes" "Modifies due date", etc would be very, very helpful.


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Level 11

Yes Yes YES   ..... I too would like to see this as a feature for the updates.  

Level 5

i totally agree george


stay safe

Level 3

There used to be an easy way to find it in the ProSeries folder on your drive (haven't had time to search, but it used to be obviously named, like updates!)  Now I think you have to go to the website, find the schedule of update releases, click on the latest to see what was updated. 

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