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State Non-Resident Withholding from Schedule K-1 with Multiple States

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State Non-Resident Withholding from Schedule K-1 with Multiple States

Clients who have Schedules K-1 for PTEs that operate in multiple states will often have non-resident withholding from a number of states.  It would be helpful if the Federal K-1 Worksheet Add'l Info 1 (or the Tax Payments Worksheet) could accommodate state non-resident withholding from a number of different states for a given PTE.  Further, when such withholding is entered in the Federal return it should be transferred to the state returns, whether directly onto the state return itself or to a state return form or worksheet where required by the state taxing authority.

In short, dealing with a 'state grid' in ProSeries is difficult because non-resident withholding is treated differently by each state and the preparer must keep a record of how non-resident withholding flows through from the Federal to state returns each year.

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Level 8

@Taxes-by-Rocky , it’s an excellent idea, but not likely to be be high on the ProSeries developers priority list.... if you have multiple clients and K-1s as you described you might consider a more robust product. Not sure but I think LaCerte can handle that.... not that you have to jump ship but I believe that as a ProSeries user you can get a free copy of LaCerte to use on a pay per return basis. 

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Thanks for the suggestion....but I've been on this wagon-train so long (i.e., with PS since 2000), the mere fact that we have a "Tax Idea Exchange" equates to therapy at this point.

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