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Sold and Acquired date

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Sold and Acquired date

In prior years, Selecting the holding period on a stock sale would stop the "Date Sold" and Date Acquired" fields to no longer be in error. This is backed up by "About" page for these field which state this field can be left black as long as a holding period has been selected. For 2020 however this does not seem to be the case. (despite it being listed in that about page as well)

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Level 15
Level 15

@IntuitBettyJo  can you confirm this is in the list of things that need to be fixed?   

It was brought up a week or so ago, not sure if anyone official took note and got it on the punch list.

We shouldn't have to enter a date, we should be able to just choose Long or Short.

Community Manager
Community Manager


I'm checking with the support/product team and will follow up on this one soon. ​​​​​​​

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Wanted to follow up regarding this. Its becoming an issue now that we are efiling

Level 15

I guess "soon" means by April 15th?

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