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Remove E-Signature Dashboard

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Remove E-Signature Dashboard


Please remove the E-Signature Dashboard. Adding the E-Signature Dashboard created a lot of URL error messages when we tried to generate the E-Signatures, resulting in us having to reinstall ProSeries on almost a daily basis during the height of tax season.

Even when it worked properly, it took longer to generate E-Signatures than it did before the Dashboard was implemented.

The Dashboard doesn't really provide any useful information or functionality, but the biggest downfall is that we are no longer able to batch e-file returns. Without the Dashboard, we were able to sort the eSignature column in HomeBase to find all the completed E-Signatures, highlight all those clients and e-file with one click.

With the new Dashboard, the only information the HomeBase ESignature column returns is 'View Dashboard'. This is completely useless information as it doesn't tell us which E-Signatures are completed and which are merely sent. We'd have to refer to the Dashboard (which doesn't provide any useful filtering to find returns with E-Signature completed and which hadn't been filed yet) for each individual client. This cost us hours of unnecessary extra time and effort this tax season.

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This board is for tax preparers to ask each other questions and to complain about our software.  This is not a direct line to ProSeries so your post here won't do anything.

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@dascpa Apparently they just introduced a ProSeries Tax Ideas Exchange ( or at least I've just seen it). Some of these posts get mixed in with the ProSeries posts since it's all one forum now or some such nonsense.

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@sjrcpa , @dascpa Yes, that's correct. Intuit put out a ProSeries alert about this yesterday. You can also see which 'room' the post is in by the thread at the top of the page: Intuit Accountants Community > ProSeries Tax > ProSeries Tax Idea Exchange. 

There's also a box at the top right of the page that will show the progression of the suggestions. 



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