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Please support NJ forms PTE-100 and PTE-200 for pass-through entity tax.

Thank you for your submission! The NJ PTE-100 was implemented in the latest product update for ProSeries on March 5th, 2021.

Status: Implemented
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Level 2

Lacerte, please step-up and do the right thing with your thousands of NJ users.  We all have many clients who took advantage of the NJ Business Alternative Income Tax.  Please provide us with the tools to file the New Jersey PTE-100 for the 2020 tax year.

Returning Member

Please support NJ forms PTE-100 and PTE-200 for pass-through entity tax.  Its going to be very difficult to manually enter to file them online for all clients. 

New Member

Lacerte, you need to support these forms.  They are primary forms for the Partnership and S Corp filings in NJ

Jonathan Kotulak
Returning Member

Show us you're worth it Proseries!   Add the PTE FORMS!

Level 2

I have been a Lacerte user for over 30 years.  We have always paid a premium price for this great software.  How can a premium software vendor, like Lacerte, not support a change in the NJ pass through entity law and provide an interactive form, extension, e-filing and payment support for this?  Partnerships and S-corps represent a high percentage of our business returns.  March 15th is going to be a hectic time and to have us go online with NJ to compute, pay and file these forms and extensions is ridiculous. We will then manually have to input this on the K-1’s?  Lacerte get off your butts and provide this much needed interactive software to your loyal CPA Community! 

Skip Richards, CPA

Richards Group, CPA


Level 1

Please support NJ forms PTE-100 and PTE-200 for pass-through entity tax.

New Member

How can Lacerte not include this form in their software. For what we pay and they hold themselves out as a top rate provider, not very happy. I'm sure UltraTax will beat them again!!!

New Member

these forms are vital to our tax preparation practice.  Please support these forms.  

Returning Member

How can Intuit/Proseries not support the PTE tax?  Th majority of my clients are affected by this tax. 

Level 2

It is shameful that Lacerte is considering not supporting the PTE series.  If they do not, I do not see any reason to renew with them next year.

THAT'S WHY WE PAY THEM!!! TO HELP PROCESS TAX FILINGS.  Someone else will do the heavy lift if they don't want to.

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