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Major Glitch in Schedule 8812 for prior year clients

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Major Glitch in Schedule 8812 for prior year clients

There is a major glitch in Schedule 8812 for a prior year client where it does not give you an error message after putting in the all the clients income.  The Schedule 8812 does not alert us in the Prior Year Earned Income Election Smart work sheet to ELECT to use 2019 earned income for additional child tax credit YES OR NO. 

There should be an error that pops up for accountants to choose yes or no. This could result in the taxpayer getting a larger refund.  In our case we missed the option and now have to amend the clients tax return to get them extra $1,700.00. This error option pops up in TurboxTax and Drake software in there Schedule 8812 so why is it not available in ProSeries? 

This will greatly help us as accountants with either getting our client a large refund or asking the client what would they like to do. 

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Level 15
Level 15

Im not sure its a glitch, but yes, it would be handy for the software to remind us to check for this.  

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Only reason I posted Glitch is because an error pops up in TurboTax Inside the worksheet and Proseries is same as Proseries when it comes to working in worksheets. If its in Turboxtax and helping Taxpayers getting larger refunds why not give us accountants the same option

Level 15
Level 15

they do use the same "engine" but with DIYers they have ask about all situations, where as tax professionals arent supposed to rely on the software to do their job....dont get me wrong, I agree with you, Id love to have it flagged as well.

I know we were complaining about the missing the "pink" error for this early in the season, as you can see its still not there for us.  I can flag a moderator again, Im not sure how much good it will do though.

@IntuitAustin   @IntuitBettyJo   @Orlando I know this was brought up back in January, but its still an issue.  Can anyone comment on whether this might actually be implemented or not?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Checking in on this @Just-Lisa-Now- 

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