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Ideas for future ProSeries Versions

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Ideas for future ProSeries Versions

Here are a few ideas that would make certain parts of PS much easier/more convenient to use for both myself and the clients:

* Make it possible to transfer client data to a spreadsheet. It would be nice to be able to make a list of our clients so we can track different things and not have to type everything out separately. 

* Make the organizer PDFs fillable. Right now, the only way to email those out for clients is to either go through them individually with the professional Adobe version and do each organizer making the document fillable or the client has to do it themselves or print out the emailed version and write it all out. It would be great if we could have it already to go that way. 

* When we go to transfer the billing to QB, if we have anything in the miscellaneous fees & adjustments section, it doesn't transfer over and we have to input that separately as well. 

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Under the HomeBase menu, use Export View. But first make the view the data you want in the columns you want. It exports a CSV file to the ProWin19/common/exports folder.

It can be opened in Excel.

Level 11

PDF fillable used to be a thing long ago, but not for years.

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QB-don't use it, don't want to use it.

New Member

We have used QB for years and like it. We aren't looking to change that, just have something in PS that should be available work.

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Sarah, did you see the CSV exporting?

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