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Homebase reconciliation for HomeBase View

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Homebase reconciliation for HomeBase View

PLEASE return to the option of Show Details and Fix It.  The 2020 program option is only yes or no.  The problem is that all our tax files are saved on a network file.  When yes is selected all those files are reconciled.  Result is a HomeBase View that has all of our company's tax files.  In prior years I would choose to Fix It which allowed me to select specific files.  My HomeBase View would then only show the 100 tax files I work on instead of the entire 5,000 tax files for the company.  Staff also would have in their HomeBase View the files they only worked on instead of the entire company's files.

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@Orlando   more Homebase issues.  Is this the same as what was already reported?


It's another case of this thread, https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/proseries-tax-discussions/discussion/homebase-database-maint... , and one someone forwarded me from FaceBook.

The challenge is that the ability to selectively work on a subset of files shared on a network drive sounds a lot like what our network product is for.  This wasn't explicitly removed for any reason... it's just that when we had to reimplement this feature due to our database migration we only solved for the expected scenario of repairing a database.

That being said, I am looking into alternative ways of accomplishing this and we are very actively discussing the requests.

As one alternate suggestion.. you could import every file, and then rely on homebase filters to limit what people have to work with. For example, you could filter by Preparer, FIle Name or Client Status, for example. I can appreciate though that wouldn't work if who works on what is based on something that doesn't show up in a column. 


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@OrlandoIf we place a file in the folder where the data files are to reside we cannot find them when a database reconciliation takes place.  We have preparers that work from home so they keep all files on their laptop.  We then put them on the server and work on them.  We can't see them.


@Ernie  Are you including the .cache file when you do so? That's new this year. So for example, if you have a file named john_smith.20i, there will be a corresponding john_smith.20i.cache file.  You have to copy both, from what I've been told, if you are manually moving them around and using database repair.  

Alternatively, if you have just the john_smith.20i file, you can open it and then save and the file will be added to homebase with a new .cache file. Of course, that'd be painful if you have more than 1.

Feedback is welcome.. we're really trying to understand if these changes are just not sufficiently communicated, or if the expectations aren't matching the reality.



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@Orlando  So here is what I tried.  I created a file on a laptop.  I transferred the file and the 20i.cache file to the PC that does the printing.  I can then see the files and homebase does find them.  I guess I didn't understand that we needed to transfer the 20i.cache file along with the data file.  That is different.




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Thank you for your response.

The link in your reply leads to a message "Node not found".  Not sure if I'm missing out on any information there.

Your suggestion to use the filter solved the problem.

Thank you.



Thanks for the confirmation and the callout on the link.. i've fixed it



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I sync laptop computer with desktop computer through Google Drive, using Backup & Sync.  I don't want my software deciding for me which file to keep and which to discard.  Sometimes I deliberately create a test file from an existing client and decide from my desktop computer how to handle.  Last year we could decide and act on :

files not currently in HomeBase

records found for non-existent files

HomeBase records needing updating

possible duplicates

Now the program just tells me it "fixed it"  What the hell did it "fix" ?????

Some times I may not want the software to put a file in HomeBase !  When it says "fixed" - did it ? did it not? did it overwrite something I didn't want overwritten?

Please allow "us" the customer who pays for the product decide .

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Additionally ... I do not use the default directories because I change them to directories that I want to share/sync with myself.

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Theres a thread somewhere addressing this, it was a couple weeks ago, I dont want to go digging, sorry.

They made changes to HB...... seems like they want people to pay for a network license to use a network....but I dont really understand how all that works.

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