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Higher Level Tech Support for an additional charge

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Higher Level Tech Support for an additional charge


I propose that ProSeries offer as an add on more responsive and robust tech support, for certain qualified users that are willing to pay extra for more experienced and expeditious tech support.  Over the course of tax season, I will log 10+ hours of my time with Intuit tech support - some of that time is fumbling through the lousy phone system, getting mis-transferred, and worst of all, having to call back about the same issue multiple times and explain the same story from scratch, multiple times.  Just like Dell offers "ProSupport" for purchase on their products as an add on, I believe Intuit should do the same.  However, please only offer it to long-term clients who know what they are doing, have prepared a set minimum level of returns in the prior year (1,000 to 1,500) and then charge them for it ($1,000 to $1,500).  Give these customers an expedited way to call in and receive a Tier 2+ or so tech support, and don't require all the normal bumbling and fooling around that comes with a standard troubleshooting call to Intuit where the end user calling in is often more experienced than the tech that answers the phone at Intuit.  The techs that answer the phone at Intuit are always very friendly, and I am not critiquing them.  I just want faster, higher level support from Intuit and I am willing to pay for this.  Perhaps other people are too?  I honestly do think there is a market for this.

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You posted this to the Community. I think you want to Submit this for ProSeries?

This link:



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Level 15

I havent had to call Intuit support in many many years.  Not sure why youre needing to call them and require support so often.

But if Intuit can make some extra money off people willing to pay it, Im sure this would be right up their alley.

@IntuitAustin you may want to send this up the ladder and see if anyone else thinks this would be a worthy addition.

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Would this be called the "Faster Path" fee?

Level 15

Don't encourage Intuit to add another fee.

If this were to happen, then those who don't pay for that will get even worse support (the highly qualified people won't be available, and the phone wait would be longer).

I propose that they improvement the development of the software, so there won't be as much of a need for Support.  Intuit doesn't understand that quality software would decrease the need (and cost) of support, and also result in happy customers that will stay with Intuit.

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I haven't logged in 20 hours total to support in the close to 20 years I have been using the product.  It is probably pushing it to say I have logged in 2 hours over that period.  Either you are cursed and have had more than your share of problems or you are eating up a lot of support time needlessly.  So if we are officially taking a poll, put me in as a "no" vote for that Faster Path Fee.

Level 15

Me too, neither - as in having to call support.  The last time I called (12 years ago) was due to a data base "failure" caused by a very, very close lightning strike.  The program was open, to individuals; despite being connected to a UPS (which saved the computer..) the data base was damaged.  Support couldn't fix it, but boy, were they helpful.


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