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Form 8879 - Error for Blank Return Year Field

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Form 8879 - Error for Blank Return Year Field


Form 8879 now requires a tax year to be entered at the top of the form (so the taxpayer & preparer know/agree on which tax year the signature is for).

Please make this field show an error (red, pink, whatever) until a tax year has been entered by the preparer in that field.

Status: New
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Level 15

I'm using the CAGMC approach - I'm leaving it blank.

Level 15
Level 15

I havent been entering it either, sometimes I remember to write the 2020 up in the top corner when I sign it, sometimes I dont.

I did go in and edit the client template, and input the 20 on the line so it shows up on all new clients, doesnt work for existing clients though.

Level 14

I try to remember but a few slip thru.   I figure it shouldn't hard to match up to the correct tax return with the amounts on lines 1-5   if there is ever a question to which year it is for.  

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