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Fix the confusing questions in Part IV of the 1040 AOTC-DD WKS

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Fix the confusing questions in Part IV of the 1040 AOTC-DD WKS


It seems the "taxpayer" and "student" are not properly stated in those questions in Part IV of the AOTC WKS. Also, the solutions or results suggested to the "yes" and "no" answers are providing the wrong action to be taken. Also, some of the questions are duplicate and most are poorly written, such as "Is the taxpayer 18? Yes or No" Are you asking if they are exactly age 18 or are you asking if they are at least 18? The way it is written, No would be correct if they were 17 or 35.  Also, I think the question revolves around the student's age, not the taxpayer. However, sometimes the student and the taxpayer are one in the same ... still it is the student's age that matters in this case - but the question asks about the taxpayers. Please think these questions through more clearly.

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Level 15

Its all poorly written, I agree.

Level 4

Thank you so much for bringing this issue up. Quite a few preparers did bring this up in the past but no one bothered to pay attention. This is a huge issue. I hope someone will take action. I stopped answering those questions and prepared my own questioner for AOTC.

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