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PROSERIES BASIC: corrupted client file, federal return would not efile, state return no problem.  Program was up to date. see error message below:


Form 1040: Individual: The version of ProSeries you are using is no longer current. Though this does not affect any returns you have already e-filed, you must update your tax program before electronically filing additional returns. To update your program, go to the Update menu and select 'Update Installed Products'. ProSeries will automatically download any updates available for currently installed products. After updating, you must also reconvert all files that are ready to transmit electronically. Not transmitted, the return(s) failed the tax submission return validation step. Please make the necessary corrections.

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Level 15
Level 15

Not sure why you posted this in the Idea Exchange, but......When you get that message that you need to update, but then it tells you you're already up to date, or you continue to get the message that you need to update, you need to use REFRESH Updates to fix it.


Level 1

Thank you Lisa, However I did that several times, was on the phone with Intuit for 2 hours, they could not resolve the error. I posted this so everyone would know there is a problem, that no one could fix. Intuit's solution: 1-Re enter entire return or 2 Delete and re install program. Both of which were not feasible

Level 15
Level 15

So it sounds like it is a corrupted file issue and not a program issue (I know you stated corrupt file in your first sentence) but your explanation as to what was happening sounded like an update glitch which using the REFRESH updates from within ProSeries or REPAIR updates from the Windows programs menu seems to fix.


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