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F-FILE 1040X

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F-FILE 1040X

Your diagnostics do not allow me to e-file a 1040X unless the original was e-filed and accepted.

What do you do when the original was e-filed and accepted but was prepared by another preparer?

New York State accepts e-filed New York State amended returns even if another preparer e-filed the original.

I do not understand why there is a diagnostic preventing me from e-filing an amended return if it was  e-filed and accepted by IRS.

I cannot find anything on the IRS website that says a 1040X must be prepared by the original preparer of the 1040 in order to be eligible to be e-filed.

Please advise.

Thank you


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Level 15

It is an Intuit thing, not an IRS thing.  Supposedly they are looking at and rethinking that concept.

Level 15

For now, that 1040X will need to be filed on paper.

Level 15

You may like to refer to Q3 of this FAQ.  Apparently, as my friends already said, it's an Intuit thing, particular to ProSeries (as there is no such restriction on Lacerte/PTO based solely on the FAQs for those two tax products).


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