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Extension Payment Confirmations

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Extension Payment Confirmations


Please provide extension payment confirmation to the Efile center. Amounts and date debited. Currently there is no extension payment confirmation. Just confirmation the extension was accepted. Please add this.

Also add, Form 9325 to all returns, not just 1040s. You can add the payment confirmation (extension and tax payments) to this form as well. 

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Level 15
Level 15

I don't think Intuit can provide a payment confirmation, the banking and payment info just gets sent to the tax agencies, Intuit has no clue if the payment is actually pulled from/cleared the account, the tax agencies negotiate that part.

Level 15

ProSeries, as with other tax software, is required to provide an acknowledgment for the acceptance of the e-filed return.  That acknowledgment in the EF Center is indeed the equivalence of F.9325 (for 1040) - that's all you will get and that's all that you will be obliged, as an ERO, to furnish your business clients who request it.


Level 8

If you need filing status for one client, go to the EFile Center, highlight the taxpayer's name, then go to Submission ID, click on that and print the report that appears.

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