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Excel input file for Schedule D transactions

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Excel input file for Schedule D transactions


I have found that the financial data file conversion left a lot to be desired.  If any of your clients have significant number of trades throughout the year it may be easier to upload the data if ProSeries Professional will allow us to input the file as an Excel spreadsheet.  

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Level 15
Level 15

If you have a significant number of trades, you can summarize them on Sch D/8949 and attach the excel PDF.

Level 2

That makes sense, but what about transferring the correct amount to the state returns.  Its easier if everything were in the detail entries.

Level 1

I am learning the ProSeries Basic software, evaluating it for Tax Prep.

I agree.  The Schedule D entry interface is horrible and needs an Excel upload feature to import all stock trades.  There could be 000's of entries. 

Yes summarizing them and then attaching the excel spreadsheet is an option (not sure how to attach an excel spreadsheet to show all the detail) but that doesn't print out with the return.  It is up to the tax payer to then keep the excel file in case of audit. 

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