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Esignatures available earlier for engagement letters

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Esignatures available earlier for engagement letters


If you're going to market esignatures as an option for engagement letters, it would be really helpful to have access to the signatures we purchased as soon as the software rolls out to be able to use it earlier in the season for engagement letters. Not just when the IRS starts accepting electronic filings

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Intuit Alumni

My understanding/expectation is that eSignatures purchased for Calendar Year 2021 are immediately consumable as of Jan 1, for any file marked for e-file. You might get some warnings you have to click through - but it should work. If it is not working or the behavior is not what you'd expect, please confirm. Here's what I did to confirm:

- Marked one of the sample files for e-file

- Selected it in HomeBase

- Chose Request ESignature

- Clicked Continue in the "Failed Final Review" dialog

- Clicked through the request wizard and submitted

Note it should have also allowed any eSignatures purchased for Calendar Year 2020 to be consumed before Jan 1st, but we've passed that point.

Level 1

That was my understanding/expectation as well.


I spent a fairly long time on the phone with support this morning and was told otherwise. My firm purchased unlimited eSignatures for Calendar Year 2021 (for ProSeries 2020), but when I try to request an eSignature it says that our "account does not have enough balance to send eSignature request." Based on my conversation with support this morning, we should not expect those signatures to come available until e-filing with the IRS opens up. 

Intuit Alumni

Ok, thanks for the quick response. I will pursue internally to get confirmation or, if my understanding was correct, to get someone to reach out who can get your account cleared up. Expect resolution/follow up within 24 hours.


Hello!  We are currently identifying the solution for this.  Please allow an additional 24 hours for our teams to work this through to resolution.

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