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Currently you have 3 tabs in the EF center All, Pending and Accepted.  Add a 4th - Rejected.  Putting rejected returns in a separate tab would make it easier to track rejections.

Also, in the Pending tab, only put returns that are completed and ready to file, as your EF status states "Return Marked for EF"  Do not put "Return transferred for EF" in there, this status just adds too many unnecessary files to the list.

Thank you for your feedback! We implemented this feature in ProSeries Professional. 


Status: Implemented
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Level 15

I don't know about you, but I don't tend to have a lot of rejected returns so I really don't want them going to another home where they could be forgotten.  Three tabs is good - one is the loneliest number but four is a crowd.

Level 2

It's not going to another tab. 

What i would like is a way to filter the same data thats in the EF Center.

You would still be able to see the rejected file under pending and also under a tab called rejections. same information just filtered differently. 


Level 3

IronManN - I don't think any of us have A LOT of rejected returns - that's why they're so easy to lose track of in the mix. The sorting options in the 'pending' tab need a lot of work.  How about at least the ability to customize the order of the columns? Is the e-signature column really that frequently used?  I'm constantly dragging the 'status date' column over, which is much more useful in following up on overlooked e-filings and rejected returns.

Level 15

What's wrong with just clicking on the EF status column heading to sort the returns to find the rejected returns.

Level 3

First of all, that only addresses one of the shortcomings of the pending tab. But, more importantly, 'return rejected' falls in between 'return marked for EF' and 'Return Transferred for EF', so, unless you're doing a very small volume of returns, 'Return Rejected' will not show up on your screen without scrolling.

Level 15

I don't know, maybe it's all of the anvils, but I don't have any issues with the way rejected returns get handled.  When a return gets rejected, it kind of moves to the top of the pile of priorities so I don't worry about how it shows up in the EF status.  If it really helps you folks, knock yourself out in your pitch to Intuit.  You are short about 49 cheers before Intuit will even look at this post so good luck!

Returning Member

Ah.....but missing that rejected return is a MAJOR problem.  I do very complex returns and would welcome the filter.   We're all working very quickly and depending on staff to assist.  This would help.  Even 1 Rejected return is a problem.   

Level 2

This is just another way to see the information. 

The EF Center already has 3 tabs. How hard is it to add a 4th? 

Ideally, it would be customizable. 

8 replies to this thread and only 1 cheer. 

c'mon man!


Level 15

I don't need the tab, but I'm in for a cheer.  I would like to see all of these ideas get to 50 cheers just to see what excuse Intuit will come up with next to ignore the suggestions.  You do realize this is just another attempt by Intuit to make us feel good rather than listen to its customers?

Level 2

lol...ill give that a cheer!


They don't care about us...

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