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E-file Delaware Corporate returns

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E-file Delaware Corporate returns


Please add the ability to e-file Delaware business tax returns.  Why is Proseries the only software not to do this?

Business Return Electronic Filing Information

Business Electronic Filing Mandate - N/A - Delaware allows business taxpayers to mail or electronically file business returns.>/span>

Delaware currently support electronic filing for all business returns but does not support all years, or amended returns. The following tax returns and years can be e-filed.

Corporate returns - (Form 1100 - Delaware Corporate Income Tax Return) - current year and two prior years.

S Corporate returns - (Form 1100S - Delaware S Corporation Reconciliation and Shareholder Information Return) - current year and two prior years.

Partnership returns - (Form 300 - Delaware Partnership Return - current year and one prior year.

Fiduciary returns - (Form 400 - Delaware Fiduciary Income Tax Return) - current year and two prior years.

Status: New
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Why is Intuit not responding to this?! THIS IS A HUGE ISSUES.

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because Intuit cares more about collecting its fees and not about bettering its product.

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