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E-file center View

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E-file center View


Add ability to memorize a view in the EF center the same way as the other Homebase views. 

Or at least move the Preparer column to be visible instead of all the way to the right. Seeing the submission ID and Refund Method are not as useful as seeing who the preparer is when you have multiple preparers. 

Status: New
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Level 15
Level 15

Yes, the ability to customize and remember the columns in the EFCeter would be an amazing improvement!

Level 7

This would be a great help


Level 3

I support this suggestion.

John Spaulding
Level 1

I would love to be able to customize the E-File Center view, especially to add the "Ready to E-File" Status date to the view.

Level 15
Level 15

So for 2020, you CAN drag and drop the columns in the EFCenter to whatever order youd like....doesnt look like you can add columns but you can at least get the ones you dont want to see shoved off over to the right side where you dont have to see them.

Returning Member

If I accidentally get rid of a column in EF center how do I get it back?

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