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ctrl f

It would be great to be able to use CTRL + F with ProSeries 

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Level 11

In 2019 and prior, Alt J works in the HomeBase for "Find."

Many functions in Home Base are not set up YET.

Level 15
Level 15

Do you mean within the actual tax return to find a specific word or number? 

Im not sure thats even possible.

Level 2

Hi thanks for the comments, I hadn't known about the Alt J.

and Yes I did mean in a tax-form, for example maybe I was looking at the 5695 and it'd be cool to be able to press CTRL+F and search for "window" as one example.

Maybe it's not possible, just a suggestion.

Level 15
Level 15

The Where Do I Enter button on the toolbar will take you to a certain form or data entry point when you type it in.

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