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Client Letter top margins

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Client Letter top margins

Client letter does not give you the ability to change the top margin (Header) in the ProSeries 2020.

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Returning Member

How can you be the only one that has bellyached about this ?   It makes us look like we lack attention to detail and are just plain sloppy.   What a joke.    Let me know if you found a work around.  I tried to copy the letter to a new version in hopes I could tweak it but no luck.

Level 3

I don't see any place to adjust the header, and you probably already know this but in case you don't - you can adjust the top, bottom, and side margins if you go to File and Page Set-up from within the letter editing module.  I have mine set to .3 on top and bottom and .5 on left and right.  

Returning Member

Taxshack:  Please put a gold start on your Fridge.  I spent way to much time trying to figure this out , so thank you very much.  

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