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Choose items to print functionality

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Choose items to print functionality

continue to beg you to enhance your ProSeries Pro software to allow the ability in the "Choose Items to Print" to add an "Uncheck All" option to make my life easier by being able to then choose forms without having to uncheck a zillion forms to print just the few forms I want, i.e. the invoice, or tax history and two year comparison, etc.   

Your suggestion to mess with defaults of what prints with the client copy doesn't fly.   The "uncheck all" option doesn't seem difficult and perhaps I'm not the only person who would appreciate this.  I don't know that this suggestion isn't out there already.  I don't expect that after perhaps twenty years of asking that this will be done. 

I want to print a PDF, so using the Print Preview isn't an option.

I don't know about adding a "virtual printer" and kindly request that you make things easier for me and other users by allowing an "uncheck all" option.

Maybe I'm missing something, but after asking for years on other support calls, I don't recall any solutions.

Thank you.

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Level 2

I too have pleaded for this simple enhancement.  Every time I have to uncheck 30 boxes just to get 2-3 to print, I am very frustrated!!!

Level 2

Same here!  "Uncheck All" is a must.

Level 3

I agree. I have the default settings in place of what I normally want printed in the different scenarios. But when it is a one-off situation, an Uncheck All option would be extremely helpful.

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