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Change print order in ProSeries

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Change print order in ProSeries


The process  to change the print order for ProSeries is extraordinarily tedious. Although you can select multiple and/or specific forms to move them to a different printing position, you have to click the Move Up or Move Down button once to move the form(s) one line. There are over 600 items in the forms list, so moving a form from the bottom to the top is excruciatingly time consuming and a sure means of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

The program does not allow you to hold down the Move Up or Move Down buttons and have the form(s) move until you get them to the right place. Neither is there a drag and drop feature.

This is antiquated software at its worst. Even more disappointing -- I worked at Intuit tax development for a number of years and during that time I part participated in a project to update this very feature. We had a solution -- and it worked much like Microsoft to move files around. But, Intuit apparently ignored it.

So this is an effort to resuscitate this upgrade to an otherwise outstanding software program. Hopefully we'll see some support from the user community.

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Level 15
Level 15

Agreed!  That click click click over and over and over is ridiculous!

Level 2

How about at the very least copy the **bleep** settings from year to year after we’ve taken the time to change them!

Level 9
Level 9

@ChuckW  If you worked for Intuit then you understand better than we where their priorities lie and how they allocate their development resources.... keep hoping (and keep asking)

Level 15

Or do they just ignore people named Chuck? RIP (not ChuckW)

Level 3

At the very least letting us drag and drop would be a step up.  I hope more people upvote this one.

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