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Auto e-file confirm sent via email to client once returns are accepted

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Auto e-file confirm sent via email to client once returns are accepted


CCH ProSystems does this: as long as the taxpayer has an email address in the email field, once a return is accepted by the tax authorities, CCH automatically sends the client an email alerting them of this.

It would save so much time during tax season if ProSeries could do the same.

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I agree

Level 2

This is a feature that CCH Pro system fx has & Pro series needs 


Level 1

This would be a great feature update.


This is also a feature Drake provides.  I thought this was an industry standard after having it since e-filing has been available but now I know it is not an industry standard because Lacerte does not provide.  This feature would save us time and improve our customer service with our customers.  Now that our customers no longer receive this email communication, it has created a lot of confusion with our customers and we spend a lot of extra time manually reporting to them that their returns have been accepted.  Since all my other tax preparation service providers have had this ability, it must be possible to program.

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I also would appreciate this service, as long as the communication was clear and customer friendly.  I currently inform each client by mail that their electronic transmission was accepted.  I want the client to have some tangible record for their file and to build confidence in my tax practice.  Mailing takes time,  delays the notification reaching the client and costs postage.  The one benefit is that the personal message to them shows concern for the client.   Of course, it is best for any rejects to come to the preparer and not directly to the client so some screening would have to be built into this feature.  

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I agree and this is a no brainer. With today's technological environment, this is becoming a standard across many different platforms and Intuit should be doing the same for E-Filed returns.  The data is already their in the software and data files; now the tool needs to be developed to push information out.  A simple button would suffice for me and having the option to push the data myself would be preferred.  Rumor has it you are already planning this for the 2021 tax return software.......is that true?

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Yes Please!!!!!!

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