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2020 ProSeries Crashing when you print or switch to another APP since 3/22/2021 update

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2020 ProSeries Crashing when you print or switch to another APP since 3/22/2021 update


2020 PROSERIES professional is crashing while printing or when you switch to another program since 3/22/2021 update. Also still crashing after running unemployment query analzyer.  I have followed all instructions installed updates, refresh updates, repair update, restart computer. This is insane; just test the software 10x before you have us update again and software crashes for no reason.

This is waste of productivity and time. 

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Level 4

My ProSeries Professional crashes when trying to e-file.  It too crashed 3 times when I tried to convert and transmit 5 returns.  Totally unacceptable!  I also followed all the recommendations, including installing the tool hub and selecting Update Issues and Program Problems and following the steps.  Sorry to say it must be time to get some software developers who know what their doing.  I've run ProSeries since it was ChipSoft and NEVER had this many problems.


Could what your are experiencing be related to this?

Windows 10, version 20H2 and Windows Server, version 20H2 | Microsoft Docs


Level 3

Another day, another round of computer crashing.  They have got to start taking this serious.

I can also not e-file any returns.

Level 4

I can e-file if I do them one at a time.  Multiples seem to cause crashes. But I'm back to getting random crashes.  The crashes are NOT related to trying to print.  Once a print job starts, the printing is perfect.  

Level 2

Proseries has been a complete joke this year -  Constant crashing.   Crashes when saving, crashes when e-filing, crashes if you switch states, etc., etc. - Waiting for it to start crashing if you take a sip of coffee.    In 20 years, never had the issues that have been occurring with the 2020.   Support is great at blaming everything but the software - utterly useless.   Intuit needs to start offering rebates to account for the time wasted this year. 

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