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1065 Shareholder & 1120S Shareholder Basis

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1065 Shareholder & 1120S Shareholder Basis

Mike Naples

On information worksheet there is a box for "calculate and print partner basis statement".  Partner basis does not print with return.  You must also go to "Print Options"  "Other Worksheets" "Partners Basis Computation" and mark it "if used".  Then the partner basis prints with return.

Same on 1120S shareholder basis except that on "Stock and Loan Basis Information Worksheet" there is a box for "Calculate and print shareholder stock and loan basis".  If it is marked yes it does not print.  You must do the same as above in "Print Options".

This was not true in prior years.


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Level 4

There needs tro be a way to print the basis along with the k-1 too

Level 4

I'm trying to follow your directions to add the Partner's Basis Statement, but am not seeing a "calculate and print partner basis statement" checkbox on the K-1 worksheet.  Could you possibly provide a screenshot so that I can see where you are finding that?

Also, in my Print Options/Other Worksheets, there is no "Partners Basis Computation" listed.  Is there some other way to select this?  I am using ProSeries Professional, version wPro.2022.22.00.11.

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