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1040X E-Filing

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1040X E-Filing

There is an error when trying to e-file an amended return for a client from an outside preparer.  The Information Worksheet has an error saying 1040X cannot be e-filed unless the original return was e-filed.  In the case I'm working, the original return was filed through TurboTax by the taxpayer.  It has been electronically e-filed, but the software cannot see that.  I suggest that e-filing be allowed for form 1040X without this software error and let the IRS e-file system pick up the error as to whether or not the original return was e-filed.  If it was not then the e-file system would return a reject to the preparer who would have to resort to mailing in the return.  We have many taxpayers who come to us to fix their original preparer mistakes.  More of those than in-house amended returns.  Please take this under consideration.  We need this system to be as expansive as possible

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This is what they told us close to a month ago.


Can all Individual Amended filing types be e-filed?
Only an e-filed Form 1040 or 1040-SR can be amended. An original return that was paper filed cannot have an e-filed amended return. The original return must have been e-file through your ProSeries software.

Intuit says their intention is to change this sometime in the future, but Im thinking in the next year or two...not sometime soon.

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