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Wisconsin Individual Return

Level 2

In ProSeries Basic, having intermittent problems with printing the return.  It's mostly pages 2 - 4 of Form 1, but also sometimes Schedule AD and some other forms.  It's both the filing and preparer copies.  Only some of the print on the page actually prints.  Hard to decribe, but only about 1/4 of what should be on the page is actually printing and it's spotty (for example, a few lines print correctly but there's big blank spaces on the page.  So I have to look closely at every page of the return and replace those that didn't print.  Often if I completely back out of the program and log back in, it'll print the page correctly, but then the 2nd time I print, it's back to big blank sections.  As a work around, I'll save the return as a PDF and then print the PDF.  Anyone else having this issue?  Can support look at this?  It's been happening all month on each return, and I was hoping by now it would be fixed in a subsequent release, but it continues to be an issue.

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Level 15

Printing issue is a popular issue this year.  Until they can figure things out, do the 2 step process of printing to pdf and then from pdf to paper.

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