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Windows 10 Home Screen

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Every time I do anything in Proseries I am taken to the Windows 10 home screen?


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Do you mean ProSeries closes?

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Thank you for writing....sorry for my delay in responding.

It does not close to the point of needing to log in again. What happens is it returns to the Windows 10 Home screen. The icon is still on the task bar...hover the mouse over it and it will show the last open screen/ tax return....click on it and the page will open.

As an example:

Basic 2019 is on Windows 10 start screen. I click on its icon and it opens to my password. I enter my password. The 19 icon moves to the taskbar and the screen returns to the Windows 10 start screen. I click on the  19 on the taskbar and my tax return directory shows above the taskbar. I click on the directory, it opens. I click on a return  I want to open. We close to the Windows 10 start screen. II click on the 19 again in the taskbar and the return I opened shows above. I click on it and the return opens....


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