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Will the premium tax credit be fixed

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will the premium tax credit get fixed?
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Last comment I saw in one of the previous dozen's of time this question was asked was that the IRS has to update their form and instructions, before the software companies can update their programming.

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Drake updated their software for this yesterday.  Will ProSeries be updated soon?


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Yes ------------- but soon is a matter of perspective.

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My biggest complaint is a lack of communication from Intuit.  They send info periodically and a yellow banner shows up indicating there is some new info.  They should be updating us on the status.  If its an IRS bottleneck that's fine just tell us.  I have clients that want their returns and I can't tell them when.  

Second, I called support on the issue as I thought I was doing something wrong.  Typical support call that lasted an hour.  She sent me issue to a higher level of support.  I was on hold for 20 minutes before my call was dropped.  A few days later I called again to ask about my case number.  The response was that it was resolved.  It wasn't resolved.

I appreciate that law changes late in the year and mid year changes cause everyone issues.  If Intuit cared about its customers it would have better communications.  QB and QBO suffer the same lousy support.