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Will the Form 8915-E be efiled with the return in ProSeries Basic

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Talked to support but still not clear to me if the Form 8915-E will be efiled with the return or has to be attached as a PDF. 

Using the default 3 year income inclusion on the 8915-E I am getting an error diagnostic on the State return (MI)

"Pension Deduction Worksheet: Federal amount We're still working on updates related to retirement distributions that qualify for disaster or covid relief and  You can keep working on your return and we'll remove this message when it's ready."

The software is generating the Pension Deduction Worksheet and giving me that error message. Not sure it's safe to efile with it but clients want to file ASAP. 


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Level 15
Level 15

I thought it was in todays update...if you mark the Covid disaster boxes on the 1099R worksheet, the 8915E doesn't populate?

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"if the Form 8915-E will be efiled with the return or has to be attached as a PDF."

Last week when the release date changed to 2/25, the status also changed to EFile. Today it is Final and EF Ready.

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I have finalized several returns today with the Form 8915-E and everything looks fine. The form automatically populates in the returns, it accurately skips the 10% early withdrawal penalty and spreads out the taxable income over three years (including an option to pay it all this year if you so choose.)  No errors appear and it should be good to e-file as is.

One note:  this is going to be a major headache over the next two years as new clients come in and don't necessarily flag this item.  Tax accountants will need to look carefully at prior year returns and confirm if a Form 8915-E was filed, and whether that means additional taxable income is present for the year.

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