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Where to enter income from 1041 Grantor Trust

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I have a new tax client who has a grantor trust.  I was able to do his grantor trust return with no problem. 

But I am unable to find where I enter the amounts that need allocated on his individual tax return.  From the previous tax return, it shows a similar worksheet found in the 1041 but I am having difficulty finding it on the 1040 forms.

Can someone help me as to where I need to find this section in the 1040 individual forms?

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Level 15

The same way you would enter this income if not generated from a grantor trust.

Interest and dividend income on Schedule B, capital gain transactions on Sch D/8949, etc.

Level 1

When looking at their previous tax return, it shows the interest, dividends and capital gain amounts on a similar Amounts to allocate from a grantor trust worksheet.  That is what I was looking for to apply that same information.


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