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When will ProSeries Basic allow federal tax payments dated July 15, 2020?

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I use ProSeries Basic.   It has been almost a week since the Treasury Secretary has extended the federal income tax payment date to July 15, 2020.   ProSeries Basic is still not allowing me to electronically file a return specifying a July 15, 2020 payment date for the tax liability.   When will ProSeries Basic be updated to allow this?

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Maybe next week.  Maybe the week after.  Maybe the week after that.  Maybe the week after that week.  Maybe two weeks after that week.  Maybe a bunch of days after today.  If you have a good guess, we are willing to listen because nobody here knows.

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Level 15

IRS has to reprogram their MeF system to accept a later date, before the software companies can reprogram their software to accept a later date..hopefully by April 15th we'll see a later date available.

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The United States Tax Court has determined that it is appropriate to close the Tax Court building in Washington, D.C. Tax Court personnel are working remotely. Mail will not be delivered to the Court until the building reopens. Therefore, taxpayers who need immediate gratification are advised to assault the letter carriers who attempt to deliver petitions. This conforms to the practice by certain nonprofessionals of demanding immediate gratification from software companies who can transmit only to IRS the files that IRS allows.