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what is the new date for Premium tax credit update for form 8962

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I'm using proseries professional and I would also like to know when the form will be final for client returns who also have self employed health insurance.  The projected update date was April 30th for a long time, now the error message doesn't have a date.  I have 15 clients affected by this and I'm getting tired of telling them to keep waiting.

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same here but i only have 3

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I've seen the suggestion in other posts to unlink the Form1095A from Sched C then manually enter the premiums paid on the Sched C same as you would have to if the premiums were paid to any place other than the Health insurance marketplace


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They issued an "update" to "fix" this error last night, but it appears to be broken and I don't trust it.  At this point I'm going to do what dkh suggested and do it manually.

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The "fix" works okay if there is $0 of credit. 

But if there is any Premium Tax Credit and the person is self employed, it is totally messed up.  They disabled the Iterative calculation and make you manually go back-and-forth with guessing numbers.