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Virginia electronic payment required

Level 1

On the Virginia return, in Final Review, I get the message:

Mandatory Electronic Payments Are Required for the Virginia Return:

There is at least one payment due associated with the VA return and due to a prior year triggering of the mandatory electronic payment requirement, now all payments must be made electronically.  Inform your client of the need to make the payment(s) electronically.

This is happening on several of my clients' returns.  My understanding is that this requirement applies when:

  • Any installment payment of estimated tax exceeds $7,500 or 
  • Any payment made for an extension of time to file exceeds $7,500 or 
  • The total income tax due in any taxable year beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2018 exceeds $30,000.

NONE of these situations apply.  Is this a programming error?  Is there a workaround? 

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Level 15
Level 15
did it carry info over from 2019 that isnt correct?

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Hi Irene, let me preface my remarks by stating that I am not an expert on Virginia returns, but if what you say is correct, then you may want to uncheck the error conversion box and see if the return will go through and of course give the client the 1040-v voucher payment to mail or if it is for an estimate then it would be the 1040 es form to mail... but I would double check to make sure that your client will not be penalized ... hope this helps... Just my opinion

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Level 11

I would ignore it.  The VA module has been spitting out this error for years.