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Using proseries 2020. Itemized deductions exceed the standard deduction, yet proseries won't use the itemized amount unless I force it.

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Double check your filing status on the Information Worksheet be sure your selection there matches what you think the standard deduction should be.   Also,  check under Part X - Standard Deduction/Itemized Deductions  is the box check on Use Standard deduction even if less than itemized


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I just experienced the same issue in ProSeries Professional

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I am wondering if it is because the standard deduction + the nonitemizer charitable for my client is greater than total Sch A?  Total Sch A = $27,659 and Std deduction = $27,400.  Clearly Sch A is greater, but Std deduction + nonitemizer charitable is greater than Sch A ($27,400+300=$27,700)

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Now that you mention it. That is exactly what is happening. just couldn't figure it out.

They are very close...Std. Ded. $24,800  with itemized deductions  $24880.

If they take the $300 charitable deduction up front, they still get the $24,800.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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Thank you!