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Use of 2019 income for 2020 Earned Income Credit

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I have three clients who have not received their refunds, and their returns were transmitted on 2/12/2021,  

I had to use the 2019 income thru the EIC Worksheet on all three.    Has anyone else experienced a client refund delay due to using the 2019 income for the EIC?


Many thanks

C Springer Boyd

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I have experienced the same thing. My client called the IRS (and actually got someone!!!!) but they said they are "looking into her return." She has no idea when she will receive her refund. It is utterly ridiculous.

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I know that early this season the 2019 number was not properly showing up on the 1040.  I don't remember if that was fixed before the 12th or not, but that MIGHT be the problem.

At any rate, there isn't really anything you or the client can do except wait.

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Yes - that's what I'm afraid of as well. Hopefully, it will get worked out shortly.

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I have the same situation.  Return submitted on February 12, accepted by IRS within 24 hours, no refund.  Client was claiming EIC and CTC based on 2019 income. My client purchased a car using her tax refund, which she hadn't received, and now the car dealer is bothering her about it.  

I did stumble across an article yesterday from USA Today dated March 15, 2021.  The article doesn't state whether the individual in question e-filed or whether they requested their refund be direct deposited, both of which can drastically affect the amount of time it takes to get your refund.  However, about halfway through the article it says that she, "Managed to get an IRS representative on the phone earlier this month after the 21 days passed, who told her to wait 10 weeks from the date her return was accepted for her refund."  10 weeks????  Link to the full article is below.

I also heard rumors, which I can't verify, that all returns claiming EIT and/or CTC based on 2019 income must be reviewed by a person at the IRS and that no refunds using this particular tax provision have been received yet.  Apparently the IRS computer system could not be updated in time to handle the issue without human intervention.  If that's true, who knows when these clients will receive their refunds?  The IRS is still working on refunds for the 2019 filing season.  If they are processing them in the order received it's going to be a long wait.