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Update Specifics

Level 8

20+ year user, sure the answer is no, but - is there any way to find EXACTLY what items are in a daily update, like they fixed line 27 that wasn't doing this or that? I know what Federal and state programs were updated but I have an open list of a dozen items and would love to figure out when (or if) they were updated so as not to have to keep going into the same client over and over again.

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Level 15
Level 15

I don't think they give us a list of what was updated, fixed or changed...or broken in an update.

Level 12
Level 12

I couldn't agree with you more. I wish Intuit would be more communicative with their users. But I fear that is nothing more than a pipe dream. 

Level 15

I have complained for years that they should have a list of known bugs posted someplace.  It would save a half a million questions that get posted here every year (and a lot of phone calls to support).  A few months ago I believe BettyJo said that was something she was going work on providing.  It's March 5th and BettyJo is busy taking care of her baby but nobody is taking care of that list.  But maybe she never said that.  Maybe it was only one of Garman's pipe dreams that I dreamt. 

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