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I have 20 clients asking about the states on the deduction of $10200.00 mainly for Iowa & Illinois?

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@craighartter6349 see the thread:  What about States?

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Not an answer to this question specifically, just an editorial comment on a number of questions on the unemployment subject asked in the last week.


If practitioners in individual states cant find out the rules for 1 or 2 states, why is Proseries expected to (in a week) know what each of 40some states is thinking, and also had time to program it even if they could discern each state's intention?

I think some expectations of software providers are close to unreasonable, with Congress unprecidented mid March retroactive tax law changes.

See here on IL:


Please call Pritzer's office and tell him to get his Dept of Revenue's act together.  It isn't that hard, especially since they have known it was coming for over two weeks and it has been official for 11 days already.

This is not a ProSeries matter at this time, at least with respect to IL.



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I think his name is Pritzker, and when I lived in Illinois it was the Legislature, not the governor, that wrote tax laws. 

Well, actually, it was the mayor of Chicago who wrote tax laws but the Legislature had to vote on them. The governor did have to sign them, if he wasn't yet in jail.  

This has NOTHING to do with writing tax laws. It has EVERYTHING to do with an executive branch agency interpreting existing IL laws. Pritzker is the Governor, head of the executive branch of government in Illinois, and who appointed the Director of the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR), the agency holding up returns with unemployment.  So he is ultimately responsible for the delay.

That said, IDOR just issued a release saying it is nontaxable.  They are even looking at ways to address the returns already filed without having to amend.  All is good again!!!  I will give Pritzker a thumbs up on this one!




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Thanks a lot!!! 

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he Kiplinger letter had some information on States they keep updating so not all states are 

done. https://www.kiplinger.com/taxes/state-tax/602307/taxes-on-unemployment-benefits-a-state-by-state-gui...

The states that are doing the same as Federal are listed 

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I received an answer to my query to the State of Missouri and they are doing the same as Federal with the

unemployment so they are exempting the 10,200.00