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Unemployment Compensation Exclusion for 2021 tax returns

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I just downloaded the 2021 ProSeries Basic Edition and noticed it is excluding unemployment compensation on line 8z of Schedule 1 of the 1040.  I'm not sure if that is correct.  Has anyone seen something from the IRS stating that you can exclude unemployment compensation in 2021?

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Level 12
Level 12

Have patience, wait until late December to check for issues with software, and don't transfer any clients until January. This first release is really like a trial run

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"Has anyone seen something from the IRS stating that you can exclude unemployment compensation in 2021?"


They don't control this. Congress controls it, then the IRS figures out what it means, then they send it to the public and software providers.


Right now, you do realize your program is far from ready, right? Roughly two months, at a minimum.

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.
Level 15
Level 15

The first release of the new year program usually is the prior years version with a very few changes, each week a new update will come out updating the info to the new year.

Fingers crossed, we should have a fully working version by mid January.

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I haven't downloaded it yet and probably won't until January.  Has anyone noticed any changes to formulas and computations from 2020?  Maybe the standard deduction, personal exemptions and tax brackets have been updated?  

I know it has to be submitted to IRS for approval.  Maybe an incomplete program at least gets them an early spot in line.  Maybe it helps IRS justify the work they do, pointing out all the mistakes.  Beats answering the phones.  

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"Beats answering the phones. "

Or processing the backlog of paper returns and responding to correspondence.