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Unable To Print OH State and Municipal Returns

Level 3

I've brought this up a few times this year and haven't gotten a fix.  I hopeful one of you has faced the same issue and been able to resolve it.

I am working with the latest update and all forms are current.  When I print the filing copy the federal return prints but the state and local returns do not print.  I can see the job hit the print queue but the print does not occur.  No errors are present in the return or on the printer.  Print log shows a successful print.  I am able to print federal/state/municipal returns for prior years without issue.

I have tried updating printer drivers, uninstalling/reinstalling ProSeries and refreshing updates on the admin PC and a workstation PC.  These steps have not fixed the issue.  I am able to get the full filing copy if I print to pdf first, but I'm getting overwhelmed with print requests from our other users.

If anyone has a fix I would love to hear it.  I'm at a total loss here.

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"I've brought this up a few times this year and haven't gotten a fix"

I see your multiple postings in ProConnect topics, though. Now you are asking about ProSeries.

Have you bookmarked, and are you monitoring:



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Level 3

I'm new to posting on this forum so apologies if my tagging is inaccurate or responses are for the wrong product.  I saw users posting a similar issue and was hoping to find a response I could use.

The issue I am having is with ProSeries Professional.  I do regularly monitor form release dates.  All forms I'm trying to print are released.

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Level 7

Does the state and local return print to the screen when you do print preview?

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Level 3

Thanks for the response.  When I print preview on the return then entire filing copy appears including state and municipal.  Printing from the print preview screen results in only a federal return printing.

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