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UI Exclusion fix

Level 8

Did today's update provide the fix for Unemployment, Intuit's estimated date. I don't see it or I don't understand the procedure, if there is one. Thank you, I hesitated to post a UI question. 🙂

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It was scheduled for this afternoon sometime ------------------- and in Intuit's eyes, it's always afternoon somewhere.

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Level 15

Latest Update: We expect an update to ProSeries on Thursday, March 18, 2021 in the afternoon to address changes for federal returns. For more details see Generating the Unemployment Compensation Exclusion in ProSeries.



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"I hesitated to post a UI question."

Oh, you're late; the counter is already spinning.

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Hope that they also handle the states that have exempted UI as well.  Unfortunately ie. for the State of Maryland there is a $100K for Married Filing Joint but no limit on UI vs Fed of $10,200.  So messed up and may returns waiting for a software update to finish.


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MD passed their UI exclusion way before the federal one. But MD still hadn't released the LU form for this when the federal law passed. Even if MD was working on it they are going to have to start over now since MD starts with federal AGI. 

At least MD extended everything until July 15.

Level 8

Ohio has bills in the General Assembly to conform to the IRS changes but who knows how long that will take to pass, if it does.

Ohio starts with the AGI also and let's not forget the School Districts. Just keeps getting better and better.