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Trying to file 2018 returns but get rejects saying I'm not using the latest version even though I have updated.

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This has been asked, and answered, many many many times.  

2018 is hung up due to the last minute extenders... maybe late this week (or, so they've promised).

It was an IRS hold up... but I'm not sure whether they've geared up for the changes or not.  It may be just an Intuit snag.

@IntuitAustin   Is there SOME way to put out an announcement regarding this?

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If your return has no extenders on it, you can Efile it by Refreshing the updates, a regular update doesn't fix it.


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THANK YOU!!!!!  I had spent 1:15 minutes on phone with tech support, assured me 2018 e-filing Was working... called Back when I got that "rejection" message; figured why Not try the online thing....and saw Your post about updating the 2018 ==as Refresh==   had previously performed update several times and got the SAME Rejection..... THANK YOU, I was Finally able to submit my client's return

Tom Hillman   NJ