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Transferring client file from turbotax online to proseries basic

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I been getting this error code while trying to transfer a client file from turbotax online to proseries basic:  A unknown error occurred while attempting to transfer (120).  Has anyone else had this issue.  It worked before but not this year.

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Level 15

I know other people have complained that they have an issue transferring a TT Online file, vs TT Desktop.  I don't know what the difference it, but TT Desktop files transfer over no problam.

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Yes, I have tried twice this year with two different client TTO data files and have had the same error message.  To provide some background, I did request they send the .tax2019 files via a shared Dropbox folder I set up for us to use.  They found the data file in TTO and uploaded it to Dropbox.  I figured I was good to go...just perform the transfer TT data file to 2019 proseries.  Not so fast.  Same error you got.  I looked back and noticed the .tax2019 file when I download it from Dropbox shows as a .pdf file.  I am stumped by this.  This procedure has gone off without a hitch in past years, but for some reason the 2019 TTO data files are not cooperating. Intuit needs to escalate this.  Getting that file saves a lot of time, especially if the new client has a lot of carryover info like depreciation schedules, or PAL or at-risk losses,

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This is exhausting.  Every year for the past decade importing from TurboTax online has been a problem.  IT'S THE SAME COMPANY!.  Figure it out, Intuit.  Jeeze.  From my research, if you happen to have TurboTax desktop, you can open the online file in desktop, then save it again and it should import fine.  I, personally, and not buying a copy of desktop so that I can import TT files.  

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