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Transferring 2019 files to 2020

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2/15/21  Trying to transfer 2019 files to 2020. Files do not appear on the transfer screen. I've checked the actual file location and the files do exist in that location. I also did an update on 2019 and 2020 ProSeries today, just to be safe. I notice there were a number of posts about this over the last several months. Is this still an ongoing problem? Has it been fixed?

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On the Transfer screen, it asks in Step 2 "Transfer data files from ..."  If you saved your 2019 files in a different folder than the default folder, you'll have to press Browse to find the correct folder.

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Thanks for your reply. I finally solved the issue.  Weird, because the Proseries files did not appear to exist anywhere on my computer, even when I did a complete search of the hard drive. However, I knew they were there, because I could open them in the 2019 Proseries program. Finally I opened a 2019 client's C corp file, closed it, found it as a "recent file" used, checked the properties of the file, which specified the location in the Basic program data file.  Back in the Proseries 2020 program, I changed the location of prior year files to the Basic data location, and was able to transfer the files to 2020.  Very strange that they were not discoverable through normal means. Anyway, whatever works, right?