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Support Ticket or Service Request System, Forms 6252, 2555

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Why doesn't Intuit offer a Support Ticket or Service Request System like every other paid, rational, legitimate software vendor? Including scores of vendors much, much smaller and rich than Intuit.

No, we have a nice community so we can discuss these things to get them off our chests in lieu of actually getting them fixed.

I'm continuously frustrated with waiting for hours to report a problem or bug or enhancement suggestion that should be a demand.

Their answer is to use the enhancement request system! What a joke!

We just now finally got the ability to freeze letter and invoice dates to the efile acceptance date after being in the top 5 for over 10 years; really? What an awesome system we have!

And they still consider freezing a return after e-filing an enhancement request!!! Also on the list over 10 years, currently at #5 with 428 votes!!!

Currently, there is a newly induced error on form 2555 on Part III, line 18(e) where you get an error if you enter "0" in the "Number of days in US on business"; it took a 0 last year; now I have to enter a 1 to get the error to go away, even though client was on vacation; what do I do with that? I'm surely not waiting for hours on hold to get an indifferent rep to tell me that's how it works.

Anyone flummoxed with the new Form 6252 requiring Part I reporting of the original purchase, sale, and profit information to re-compute the profit percentage? It's actually their implementation of IRS stupidity in changing the form directions. How do you like their implementation? Enter a new number, wipe out the old carry-over percentage, never to be seen again? Can the IRS be serious? Like I have time to chase down 10 or 20 year old sale information.

How long has the Schedule C supporting statement for line 23 "Taxes and licenses" not been transferring to the new year? I'm thinking since the first year Intuit took over from Chip Soft; or maybe the first Windows 1995 product. Am I going to spend my measly 2 or 3 enhancement votes on that, when they think freezing a return after e-file should be an enhancement, and not a core feature of a robust, professional, high-priced tax software program?

What if I could take a few minutes to write a ticket for someone to look at a problem and fix it without hours of my involvement or waiting for decades for an enhancement that everyone wants?

Silly me...


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But, but, but, we have really nice badges ------------ that makes up for everything else, doesn't it? 😕

This week's special - free roadrunner dinner with every return (legal disclaimer - you catch it and we'll cook it)
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I have a huge problem with Intuit doing payroll properly - my state is charging fees because Intuit payroll did not file my State Employment for the last year!   I have TRIED to get support from Intuit and keep getting a case number and lots of BS about they are working on it, but NEVER get any communication from Intuit and problem has been addressed for over 2 months!   First you have to spend hours on the phone, get the same answers, how sorry and going to move it to second tier. blahblahblah.  Then it is forgotten once I hang up the phone.  Worst company to do payroll!  

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