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I hope someone out there can assist me.

My client's elderly parent, claimed as dependent, received 2 SSA 1099 which did not identify whether one is correcting the other.  One of the SSAs indicated that the parent received more than $12,000 as other payment and the other include usual benefit information for the parent. Have you experienced this situation? If you have, how did you do approach it?


Appreciate any ones input.


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Level 15
Level 15
Look at the bottom of the form, are they the same exact SS numbers?

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I have had a few clients who receive two SSA-1099s even thought just one check -- I think what causes it is that they are collecting on their own account, and then are entitled to additional benefits based on earnings record of a deceased spouse.  That's why you might see the deceased spouse's SSN, along with an extension "-D", somewhere on the form.  

Level 15
Level 15
thats my guess as well.