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So the Electronic 1040ES DOES have an issue! And no good way to weed out the ones that need attention.

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Level 15


The query for this sucks, it pulls a bunch of people without ES into the list and has no way to show who was scheduled for Electronic payment and who got a paper voucher....what a freakin' mess.

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WTF !!!!!!!

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Wow.   But Intuit's incompetence isn't anything new, so it doesn't surprise me.

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I'm glad I still support the timber industry and use paper estimate vouchers.  It's been a long tax season for folks and it sounds like it just got a little longer for some folks.

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Hi Lisa - I'm pissed! I don't have time to tell my clients of this error, let alone search through them.  Then PS expects clients to not want to be reimbursed for the penalties.... and I can't get my 84 year old to pay online and call IRS.  There BETTER BE some other resolution coming quickly from them! 

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I agree. There should be a query set up that will pull out only the clients that are impacted by PS error.  In addition this was identified earlier and PS blamed everything on IRS.

Sorry does not help when dealing with unhappy clients.


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