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SmartLook not working on fresh install of ProSeries Pro on Win 10 x64

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I'm an IT consultant supporting multiple tax professionals. For the upcoming tax season, we upgraded their systems - which they have been delighted with. The only exception is the SmartLook feature not working in Intuit ProSeries Pro.


On an older working machine, running Win 10 Home x64 10.0.18362, after clicking the SmartLook item in the Help menu, the code pops up. This is the expected behavior.

On a fresh install on a new machine, after clicking SmartLook, there is no code pop up. No error message or any indication something happened. Windows Event Viewer does not show anything either.


So far I have tried:

Disabling the firewall

Authorizing the application with the firewall

Opening all the ports

Fresh installing different editions of Win 10 (Home, Pro, Enterprise)

Fresh installing multiple versions of Win 10 (1909, 1903v2, 1903v1, 1809)

All showing the same problem.

After contacting Intuit support, they said it was a hardware issue but I have verified it is not. The same working machine with a new SSD drive and a fresh install of the same version of Win has the same issue, no code.If you put the old drive in, it works as expected.


So it is no doubt a software issue.


An awesome Intuit support specialist offered a browser based work around which solves the problem but this impacts my clients work flow and I'd like to solve this issue for them.


Has anyone else come across this problem and solve it?

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Isn't SmartLook the feature used by Intuit phone support to remote into your computer?

Were just other users in here, SmartLook isnt part of this forum.

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I've had to use Smartlook 1 or 2 times a year, and never had a problem. Several years back I experienced several strange issues, and discovered it was a password manager program I had installed. It caused the issues even when it was not open. As soon as I completely removed it, no more issues. You might try and remove any programs on the new machine that is not on the older working computer.

Good Luck

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