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Section D, QBI Deduction info

Level 3

When the box is chosen D,1 as "yes" on SSTB,  then on I,4, Qualified wages allocated to SSTB, should the  I,3 Qualified wages amount roll on to I,4?

I hope my question makes sense.  I am guessing that the I,4 row is in relation to D,2 if i chose
"NO" sstb, and then that's where a portion if not all of wages would be allocated to sstb business. Proseries auto calculates it but i just wanted to make sure it's doing it right. Thank you.image.png image.png

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Level 9

Sounds like you have a System Problem.  There are not System people that support this site.  You will have to call support at 800 four three four 6818.

This forum is not for only Professionals or those who use Intuit products.  The answers you receive may have been provided by someone with no experience – maybe someone who uses H&R Block software.  Who knows.

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Level 3

Thank you.

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Level 15
Level 15


Im honestly not sure if what you are seeing is correct or not, it doesn't seem like a "system" problem as previously posted.....I think this comment should bump your post back to the top of the list (at least thats how it used to work in the old style message board), maybe someone more familiar with this portion of the program can help you out further.

Level 8

Question D2 should not be answered since that line is only for preparers who answered "No" to D1.


Level 1

Hopefully the program will provide a correct election to group various activities this year.

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